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  • 3M™ VHB Tapes

    High strength 3M™ VHB™ tapes are used in many industries to replace mechanical fastening for permanent assembly in a variety of applications. To help meet your assembly and production requirements consider 3M™ VHB™ Transfer Tape or VHB™ Double Coated Acrylic Foam Tape.

  • Double Sided Fiberglass Tape

    This tape is a woven fiberglass fabric with pressure sensitive adhesive system on two sides. Use for high temperature masking tape during flame spray applications. Also an effective electrical cable wrap. Silicone adhesive has temperature range of -100F to +500F.

  • Kapton Silicone Adhesive/Double Sided Kapton

    1 mil. Kapton®/Polyimide Tape with silicone adhesive (-100F to 500F) on BOTH sides. Superior dielectric strength, high temperature & chemical resistance; tear, puncture & abrasion resistant.

  • Double Sided PTFE Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer

    Double-sided PTFE Tape made with acrylic adhesive or high bond adhesive. Double-sided pressure sensitive tapes are available from .010" to .060" thick in roll goods, sheet goods or die cut parts.

    Double-sided PTFE tapes help eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners (rivets, bolts, screws etc.) therefore lowering assembly and production costs. It also absorbs impact, resists plasticizer migration and avoids stress cracking issues. This tape can also be used in the joining of dissimilar materials or heat sensitive materials that could typically not be joined in the past due to material distortion under high temperatures. Double-sided PTFE tape can help eliminate these problems and provide application solutions.

    The 15-DS Series maintains the traditional benefits of standard single-sided PTFE pressure sensitive tapes. It possesses high temperature and chemical resistance, a non-porous surface, and superior dielectric strength. Both acrylic and high bond adhesive systems offer these properties.

  • Hi-Stick Transfer Tape

    This tape offers a secure bonding result under high temperature conditions as well as good resistance to solvents, chemicals, UV and heat. It also possesses excellent bonding characteristics to low-energy surfaces and substrates. Hi-Stick tape has excellent plasticizer migration resistance. Its temperature range is -22F to 356F (-30C to 180C), and is available in 8 mil thickness.

  • Double Sided Polyurethane Foam Mounting / Bonding Tape,

    Product Description:
    V2800 series bonding tapes combine a black polyurethane foam substrate with a high-performance, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. The foam substrate allows energy and stress in the joint to be dissipated over the entire bond. This product is an ideal choice for severe exterior bonding applications, it is durable in all weather conditions and provides resistance against UV light, extreme temperatures, fungi, oxidation and ozone. The V2800 series is specially designed to provide the following features: • Stress distribution reduces pressure points, thereby minimizing distortion • High-performance, durable acrylic adhesive provides a strong, long-lasting bond • Conformable, closed-cell polyurethane foam has excellent environmental resistance • Prevents corrosion of dissimilar materials by eliminating the contact between them.

    Common Applications:
    Window decoration bars • Emblems and ornamentation • Trailer roof bows • Panel stiffeners • Signs and nameplates • Weather stripping • Body side molding • Composite panels

  • Polyurethane Mounting / Bonding Tape with Adhesive

    Double Sided Polyurethane Foam Mounting / Bonding Tape, Black Color, Adhesive both sides

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