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  • Fat PTFE

    "FAT" PTFE made with Teflon™ fluoroplastic Tape is a thick gauge skived PTFE tape with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.  This tape is unique in the aspect that it is manufactured at thicknesses well above standard product offerings.  This material is available .020" thk. to .125" thk. in roll goods, sheet goods or die cut parts.

    It is specifically designed for applications where thin PTFE tapes are not enough. FAT PTFE has the heft, density and mass that make it very desirable for applications where thicker materials are a must. FAT PTFE Tape has all the other excellent characteristics associated with standard PTFE tapes: superior insulating strength, slick non-stick surface, high temperature and chemical resistance, and excellent release properties.

  • Conformable White PTFE Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer

    CS Hyde’s T-Series PTFE Tapes offer a low coefficient of friction, high temperature resistance and are chemically inert. T-Series construction is weather resistant, stable and non-toxic, and can be ordered to meet the requirements of MIL-I-23594C Type 1, Class 2: TV – Type 1, Class 4. These tapes have high temperature resistance (-100F to +500F) and superior dielectric strength.

    The 15-5HM high-modulus PTFE Tape w/ Silicone Adhesive
    This Medical Grade PTFE Tape is used for Medical Applications, Diagnostics Testing and in Diagnostic Equipment.  Unlike traditional PTFE tapes, this tape will not break down in the presence of UV Light or by irradiation or exposure from sterilization techniques such as EB, EtO, Gamma, and microwave.  It retains its pure white color and adhesion and super slick surface even after Sterilization.  This is an excellent product for Diagnostic Testing (ie-Blood Analyzers, Testing Chemical Reactions): It resists most chemicals during testing; FDA approved for indirect food contact {21CFR175.105 (adhesives) and 21CFR177.1550 (PTFE backing)}.  This tape also passes the Military Specification for “Twist and Curl” which gives it better processability in continuous manufacturing techniques.  It can be used as a low coefficient of friction bearing surface for sliding parts or as a functional electrical insulation material that is nearly universally chemical resistant. 

  • Double Sided PTFE Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer

    Double-sided PTFE Tape made with acrylic adhesive or high bond adhesive. Double-sided pressure sensitive tapes are available from .010" to .060" thick in roll goods, sheet goods or die cut parts.

    Double-sided PTFE tapes help eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners (rivets, bolts, screws etc.) therefore lowering assembly and production costs. It also absorbs impact, resists plasticizer migration and avoids stress cracking issues. This tape can also be used in the joining of dissimilar materials or heat sensitive materials that could typically not be joined in the past due to material distortion under high temperatures. Double-sided PTFE tape can help eliminate these problems and provide application solutions.

    The 15-DS Series maintains the traditional benefits of standard single-sided PTFE pressure sensitive tapes. It possesses high temperature and chemical resistance, a non-porous surface, and superior dielectric strength. Both acrylic and high bond adhesive systems offer these properties.

  • FEP Optically Clear Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer

    CS Hyde’s FEP Tape is optically clear, high temperature, and resistant to chemicals and moisture.  

    Silicone adhesive (-100 to 400 F).

    Silicone based adhesive systems exhibit great chemical resistance, retain electrical properties, and remove cleanly with little or to no residue.

    FEP tape is used primarily in electrical applications including cable termination insulation and capacitor insulation. Since the FEP demonstrates superior chemical resistance properties and optical clarity, it is also used as a protective overlay for harnesses and cables.

    We also sell FEP Film without adhesive that can be heat sealed, thermoformed, heat bonded, welded, or even combined with other materials.

    View Films  

    *.002" FEP Film has .0015" Silicone Adhesive

    *.005" FEP Film has .005" Silicone Adhesive

  • FST Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer

    CS Hyde Company offers super tough, highly tensilized Skived PTFE tape featuring high temperature (-100 to +500F) silicone adhesive. The tensilized PTFE film has the highest per unit tensile strength of any PTFE product.

    FST PTFE Tape is used for roll protection in high speed, high temperature flat die extrusion of polyethylene coating and laminations. CS Hyde’s tensilized FST PTFE Tape can be used in place of 5480, 426, 2285-2, P422, 6445-02, and 923s. Maroon color.

  • K5-05 Para-aramid PTFE Tape

    Product K5-05 is manufactured from extra strength para-arimid fiber cloth impregnated with a dispersion of anti-static PTFE. This tape has a high temperature, Pressure Sensitive Silicone Adhesive. This anti-static product is Black and provides protection from UV damage.

  • Rulon® Tape with Adhesive on One Side (bearing tape)

    Rulon® Tape is manufactured from skived compounded PTFE Rulon® film material. The RU-Series is often referred to as bearing tape and offers outstanding abrasion and temperature resistance, as well as enhanced wear resistance in a PTFE-based material.

    Both Rulon® tapes have an 8.0 mil. substrate thickness and 2.0 mil. of pressure sensitive adhesive for the silicone system and 2.3 mil. of pressure sensitive adhesive for the acrylic system.

  • Skived High Bond Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymers

    Skived High Bond PTFE Tape has all the benefits of thick PTFE (excellent dielectric strength, friction, chemical & water resistance), plus a super-high bond adhesive. Skived High Bond PTFE Tape is an excellent choice for applications which require adhesion to difficult-to-bond, low energy surfaces like some plastics, powder-coats, foams, and oily metals. CS Hyde’s skived high bond tape even sticks to slippery surfaces like PTFE, Acrylic, PE, UHMW, Polyprop, PET, etc.

    Our High Bond Adhesive is a 3M high-strength, high tack, chemical-resistant acrylic product. The bond strength of this 3M adhesive increases with time and temperature. High humidity has minimal effect on adhesive performance. In general, bond strength is even higher after exposure for 7 days at 90F and 90% relative humidity.

  • Skived High Density Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer- Silicone Adh

    CS Hyde’s skived high density tape is made of PTFE w/ high temperature silicone adhesive: slippery when dry. This tape is high temperature, good chemical resistance, low elongation, and high tensile strength. Pressure sensitive adhesive on one side, rolls available in 5 or 36 yard lengths.

    Custom widths, die-cut parts and tape with liner available.

  • Skived PTFE- Type A

    Skived PTFE tape is made with Pure Non-reinforced PTFE with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on one side. Skived PTFE tape is highly conformable with 300% elongation. Superior insulating strength. Non-Stick. Flexible, High Temperature, Chemical, Heat & Moisture Resistant. Non-porous. Excellent Release, Anti-Friction, Insulating & Masking Tape. Available in 5 yd or 36 yard roll.

    Custom widths, die-cutting, sheeting available;

  • Skived PTFE Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer w/Silicone Adhesive

    Skived PTFE Tape is made with Teflon™ fluoroplastic and a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive on one side. Skived PTFE tape is highly conformable with 300% elongation. CS Hyde’s PTFE tape features superior insulating strength, is non-stick, flexible, high temperature, as well as chemical, heat & moisture resistant. Other properties include no porosity, excellent release, and of course it has a super-low coefficient of friction. Also used as an insulating and masking tape. Our PTFE tape is available in 5 or 36 yard rolls.

    Custom widths, die-cutting, sheeting available.

  • Standard Grade Fiberglass- With Acrylic Adhesive

    Standard Grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape has a pressure sensitive Acrylic adhesive on one side. Mid-range pricing with excellent properties: Release, High Slip, Heat, Chemical, Moisture & Tear Resistant.
    Acrylic Adhesive -40F to 375 F / Natural Brown Color

    Custom widths available; e-mail, chat, or phone

  • Standard Grade Fiberglass Tape- With Silicone Adhesive

    Standard Grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape is similar to Ultra Premium Grade but with a lighter coating of PTFE.
    Silicone Adhesive / -100 to 500 F / Natural Brown Color

    Custom widths available.

  • Super Smooth PTFE

    The R-Series of Super Smooth PTFE Tapes have an especially slippery surface as a result of a specialized manufacturing process. These skived PTFE tapes are extremely durable, long-wearing and abrasion resistant.

  • TFL Red Extended Life Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer

    TFL Exnteded Life Tape is laminated with PTFE and has a High High Temp (-100 to +550F) Adhesive. Super Long-Life; More flexible & longer lasting than traditional coated materials. For extreme environments. Low Wicking; Ultra Endurance PTFE Tape.

    Custom widths available; e-mail or call

  • Ultra premium PTFE-Acrylic Adhesive

    Ultra Premium Grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass pressure sensitive Acrylic Adhesive. Designed for demanding applications. Chemical, Heat, Moisture & Tear resistant.

    Fiberglass provides superior dimensional stability; PTFE coating provides slippery, anti-friction release surface. Ultra Premium Grade has super smooth, glass-like surface. Provides excellent, consistent heat seal in packaging applications. / -40 to 350 F / Natural Brown Color

    Custom widths available; e-mail, chat, or phone

  • Zone Tape - Fiberglass Tape Made with Teflon® Fluoropolymer

    CS Hyde’s Zone Tape is a PTFE coated fiberglass tape made with Teflon™ fluoroplastic. This tape has custom sized strips of adhesive on the outer edges, leaving a non-adhesive “free zone” in the center. Custom sizes available. Silicone Adhesive (to 500 F) or Acrylic (to 350 F) / Natural Brown Color.

  • PTFE Thread Seal Tape

    PTFE Pipe Thread Sealant Tape is used on all types of threaded fittings for passage of water potable and non-potable, most chemicals, oxygen, gas, hydraulic and high-pressure lines.  PTFE Pipe Thread Tape withstands harsh temperatures (from -450F to +550F).  Strong Chemical resistance.  Stretches 50% without breaking.

    Meets MIL-spec T-27730A.  Color is white.  Rolls are 520" long.

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