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Custom Conversion, Die-Cutting,
Laminating & Distribution of Sheet Materials
  • Die Cutting

    CS Hyde Company specializes in supplying high quality, precision fabricated parts and components for exact specifications.  We offer a wide variety of high performance materials:  films, fabrics, rubbers, foams, silicones and various tapes.  All products can be supplied with an adhesive for easy application or without for easy removal. 

    CS Hyde Company offers design assistance, prototype and short production runs, high volume production and inspection or quality control.  We can assist with concepts, manufacturing costs and techniques and material recommendations.  We can also help with upgrading or redesigning of existing materials and products to increase performance and reduce costs.

    Send us your drawing or file for a quote to or call us at 800-461-4161

  • Delrin® with Adhesive/Lamination



    CS Hyde Company has custom laminating capabilities to put adhesive on films that normally do not have adhesive. Thin and Thick Gauge materials.

    View our lamination capabilities

    All jobs are custom please call, e-mail, or chat with customer service regarding your spcific needs.

  • Solid Silicone (High Strength)/Overhead Press

    Many diverse materials can be custom cut with an overhead press and steel rule dies. An Overhead Press successfully handles materials as thin as .001" to .125" thick; with or without adhesive;, soft to hard, cloth to metal; simple to complex.

    Common stock materials include Silicone, UHMW, HDPE, PTFE, ACETAL, ABS, Sponge, Rubber, PEEK, Ultem, Kapton, Urethane, Foam, VHB, Fiberglass, Foil, Metal, Kynar. Most be custom cut to the desired specifications at a reasonable cost. Most products do not require Minimum buys. If a custom die is required, a charge will be passed to the customer. CSH has a large inventory of common dies.

    Lead-Time for Overhead Press jobs is 7-10 days.

  • CS Hyde Company- Sheeting

    CS Hyde Company has added high speed sheeting capabilities. Custom size Films, Tapes, Fabrics (examples: Teflon® fluoropolymers, Kapton®, UHMW) and more can be custom-sheeted in our new automated sheeting Equipment. Custom strips also available.

    We sheet your material or ours from .003" up to .060" thick for most materials.

    Call or email us for a custom quote.

  • Small Put Ups-Cost Effective/Sale SpecialsSpecialty Products

    CS Hyde Company offers many products in small, more cost effective put-ups. Tapes like 3M VHB, PTFE, FEP, UHMW are sold in 5 yard rolls.

    CS Hyde winds down many of its high performance products to smaller, more economical sizes: Kevlar, Nomex, PTFE Coated Fiberglass, PTFE Coated Quartz Threads are all sold in small yardage spools.

    Mechanical Grade Polycarbonate is sold in squares; PTFE, Kapton® & UHMW tapes are sold by the sheet in discs, washers, squares. Rubber, Silicone and most Films (PEEK, Kapton®, Ultem, TPX, Acetal, ABS, PPS, UHMW, PTFE, PFA, FEP, Gore Expanded PTFE, Hytrel are sold by the LINEAL FOOT. Most materials have no Minimum Purchase Requirement.

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