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  • PTFE Beading (Cord), Small Diameter

    PTFE Beading (aka Miniature Cord) is available in diameters from .028" up to .150".  Coils are 100 Ft. Larger diameters are 25 Ft coils.  Maximum Length PTFE Bead is 1000Ft continuous.

    PTFE Cord is good choice for electrical applications, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) does not conduct electricity and offers good chemical resistance at high temperatures.  Meets UL 94V0 for flammability.  PTFE Beading has low friction, anti-stick characteristics and is an excellent electrical insulator.  Withstands extreme temperatures from -300F to +500F.  PTFE Bead can be used indoors or outdoors.  Color is opaque White.

  • PTFE Lacing Tape (Flat Braid)

    PTFE Flat Braid Tape is used in extreme temperature (-400F to550F) & chemical environments. Won't burn, rot or support fungus. Flexible. Shedding is minimal. Ties wire, cable bundles, harnesses. Meets specs of most major aircraft mfrs, military, gov, etc.

  • PTFE Tie Cord (Round Braid)

    PTFE Rope is used in extreme temperature (-400F to550F) & chemical environments. Won't burn, rot or support fungus. PTFE Cord is very flexible. High knot strength. Minimal shedding. Used as tie-ups in harsh environments. Approved for aircraft mfrs & military.

  • PTFE Thread Seal Tape

    PTFE Pipe Thread Sealant Tape is used on all types of threaded fittings for passage of water potable and non-potable, most chemicals, oxygen, gas, hydraulic and high-pressure lines.  PTFE Pipe Thread Tape withstands harsh temperatures (from -450F to +550F).  Strong Chemical resistance.  Stretches 50% without breaking.

    Meets MIL-spec T-27730A.  Color is white.  Rolls are 520" long.

  • Kevlar® Thread

    Maximum temperature of 600F. Kevlar® Aramid Fiber Threads have excellent flame & abrasion resistance. Thermal Stability. Break strength 5 times greater than steel wire. Bonded. Multifilament. GOLD. Mil-T-87128

  • Nylon Thread (Bonded)

    Bonded multifilament Nylon thread is ideal for a wide range of uses: Ideal threads for stitching upholstery, canvas, or leather. Applications include boat canvas, awnings, shoes or other heavy duty projects. Max temp is 350F. Resists chemical, weather, bacteria, mildew & abrasion. Gov Spec VT-295. WHITE

  • Polyester Anti Static Conductive Thread

    Good choice for sewing applications where static dissipation is important. Use when stitching anti static, conductive materials. Polyester Anti Static Threads have a conductive nylon monofilament on one end. Average Conductive Element=1x105 ohms/centimeter; Maximum=4x105

  • Polyester Thread (Bonded)

    Good choice for sewing tarps, canvas, leather Maximum temperature 400F. Gov Spec VT-285. WHITE

  • PTFE Coated Fiberglass Thread

    PTFE Coated Fiberglass Thread has maximum temperature of 1000F. Excellent chemical, ultraviolet & flame resistance. NATURAL.

  • PTFE coated Quartz Thread

    Resistant to acids, alkalis, and the build-up of contaminates. Will not burn. Maximum temperature 2000F. NATURAL.

  • Polycarbonate (Machine Grade)

    Extreme impact strength, high modulus of elasticity Used in Sight glasses, manifolds, insulators, diaphragms & other machined parts

  • 56-HKIT

    This kit contains everything needed to repair Polytetrafluoroethylele (PTFE) coated conveyer belts and PTFE coated fabric products.  Included is a lightweight sealing iron with a 3 inch diameter sealing head, a high temperature mineral board work surface, a variety of patching materials and a instruction manual.

    This product is only recommended for applying small patches to PTFE coated materials.  This tool is not recommended to the heat sealing of full width seams.

  • 56-HS-9

    PTFE Belt Heat Sealer:  There are three sealers in the HS-9 series.  The only difference is the width of the base.  Designed for sealing small Polytetrafluoroethylele (PTFE) coated conveyer belts such as fuse press machines, small laminators and tortilla cooking presses.  The 1.25 inch wide sealing area of the Model HS-9A is best suited for making simple 1 inch wide overlap splices.  The narrow heated surface minimizes distortion of the belt outside of (and immediately adjacent to) the overlap sealed area.

  • 56-TI-200-1/56-TI-200-3/56-TI-200-2/56-TI-300-1/Tacking Iron Models

    Tacking irons are available in brass or aluminum.  Stock head sizes include 1" x 3" rectangular, 2" x 2" rectangular and 3" round.  These tools are designed with a wattage that will achieve the proper sealing temperature for PTFE without the need for a temperature controller.

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