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CS Hyde Company is pleased to announce the addition of 3M Vikuiti™ ESR Enhanced Specular Reflector film to our product line. This film is an ultra-high reflectivity, mirror-like, multilayer optical enhancement film that is commonly used as a highly efficient light guide or bulb cavity reflector. It is a non-metallic 100% polymer film with a reflectivity of 98.5% across the visible spectrum. Its thin construction lends itself to incorporation into a wide variety of configurations and applications. This film can be used as a reflector for a brighter, more efficient display, or any application requiring a high performance specular reflection. Its high reflectivity remains relatively constant across the visible spectrum, producing no unwanted color shifts, and thermal stability is good.
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N/A .002" thick ESR Film N/A 11 in N/A 11" N/A .002" $104.10 Add To Cart
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N/A .002" thick ESR Film N/A 5.5 in N/A 5.5" N/A .002" $31.23 Add To Cart
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