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Product K5-05 is manufactured from extra strength para-arimid fiber cloth impregnated with a dispersion of anti-static PTFE. This tape has a high temperature, Pressure Sensitive Silicone Adhesive. This anti-static product is Black and provides protection from UV damage.
K5-05 Para-aramid PTFE Tape
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K5-05-.5-5 N/A Silicone N/A .5 in N/A 5 yd N/A .005 in N/A .007 in $29.13
K5-05-1-5 N/A Silicone N/A 1 in N/A 5 yd N/A .005 in N/A .007 in $58.27
K5-05-2-5 N/A Silicone N/A 2 in N/A 5 yd N/A .005 in N/A .007 in $116.53
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