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  • 3D Printing Ultem® Film

    Ultem®/PEI (polyetherimide) has struck the 3D printing world as a high performance material for 3D printing beds. Ultem®/PEI film enables 3D printing enthusiasts to produce both ABS and PLA prints. This film offers extreme heat resistance, coupled with high mechanical strength, stiffness, UV stability, and broad chemical resistance. This combination of properties allows this film to be utilized in a wide variety of demanding new design concepts including aerospace, automotive, and even medical applications. PEI is a functional product for 3D printing due to its extremely smooth finish, high temperature resistance, and ability to provide print placement security while releasing prints smoothly. Ultem/PEI is a “no surface prep” material which allows for no major surface modifications like applying special solutions or tapes before each print. We do recommend a light wipe down of the sheet with isopropyl alcohol once in awhile.

    * (If possible) Recalibrate your machine after install.

     (Similar to PEEK, Ultem® can be considered a more cost effective solution if continuous temperatures are below 338°F). Ultem®/PEI has a UL94 flame resistance rating of VTM-0, is FDA compliant, EU Food Contact Compliant, and ISO10993 compliant in natural color.

    Adhesive Temperature:

    Short term (minutes/hours)- 400°F (204°C)
    Long term (days/weeks)- 300°F (149°C)

    Please Note:

    3 mil. = .003"
    5 mil. = .005"
    10 mil. = .01"
    20 mil. = .02"
    40 mil. - .04"

    *CS Hyde Company has capabilities to cut Ultem®/PEI film to any specification, including specific 3D print bed requirements.

    *CS Hyde Company can apply a variety of 3M™ adhesives customized to specific film size.

    *NOTE: Adhesive can be applied to either (Matte) side or (Gloss) side of Ultem® Film.
    (Standard method: Adhesive is applied to the Matte side of the film, unless customer advises otherwise).

    *International Customers: SHIPPING CALCULATOR COSTS MAY VARY! Email: with zip code for a shipping estimate

  • 3D Printing FEP Tape

    FEP Tape


    FEP consists of optically clear film made with Teflon® fluoropolymers. FEP tape is used in Stereolithography (SLA), a special form of 3D Printing that works by focusing an ultraviolet (UV) laser onto a vat of photopolymer resin. FEP works well in this style of printing due to its excellent transmission of UV rays, low gas and vapor permeability as well as anti-stick and low friction properties. Other key properties include optical clarity, smooth finish, hydrophobic, superior dimensional stability, immense chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties, and high service temperatures of up to 400°F (200°C). FEP is constructed with silicone adhesive (-100°F to 400°F), which allows for greater adhesion, easy application, and clean removal. FEP without adhesive is also available for welding, heat sealing, and splicing film applications (See Films, FEP).

    CS Hyde FEP tape can be applied to the resin vat of most 3D printers. FEP tape is backed with silicone adhesive which resists oxygen, ozone, and UV light. Although silicone is the standard adhesive for FEP, acrylic is available upon request. Adhesives help fuse the FEP to the vat, creating a seal between both the print surface and the vat. CS Hyde FEP is available in sheets with peel off liner or in self wound rolls cut to your specifications. Sheets however make the FEP tape easier to apply. Standard FEP tape is available in .002” film with .0015” silicone adhesive- total .0035” and widths- 1/8”-13”. Other thicknesses are available. FEP film is available in thicknesses .0005” up to .020” sold by the lineal foot, sheet or roll.

    *CS Hyde Company has capabilities to cut FEP film to any specification, including specific 3D print bed requirements.

    *CS Hyde Company can apply a variety of 3M adhesives customized to specific film size.

  • 3D Printing Kapton® Film

    Since the 1960’s Kapton® has been a high performance material for applications in industries such as aircraft, spacecraft, and x-ray technology. Today Kapton® has transitioned into 3D Printing. The 3D printing world has found Kapton® to be a functional print surface for most 3D Printers. The most common filaments printed on Kapton® ® Tape include thermoplastic polymers such as ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PLA (Polylactic Acid). A recurring problem with printing ABS filaments on non-Kapton® surfaces is that parts tend to shrink while they are cooled. Kapton® tapes hold prints firmly in place and retain heat to prevent filaments from cooling too fast. Allowing the filaments to be cooled at a steady pace enables the prints to be easily removed from the surface. Other Kapton® properties include superior dielectric strength, high temperature and chemical resistance; tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance- all qualities suited for a printing surface.

    Kapton® is available with a pressure sensitive adhesive system on one or both sides. Single sided Kapton® tape w/ silicone adhesive is the most commonly purchased. Kapton® Tape is available in thicknesses: (.001”, .002”, .005”). Other versions of Kapton® tape include ESD (Electro-Static Dissipative with silicone adhesive) or Kapton® with acrylic adhesive. Kapton® tape can be used as a fastener for other printing components due to its heat resistance of 500°F (260°C).

    *CS Hyde Company has capabilities to cut Kapton® to any specification, including specific 3D print bed requirements.

    *CS Hyde Company can apply a variety of 3M adhesives customized to specific film size.

  • 3D Printing PET Tape

    PET Tape


    Polyester (PET) Tape with silicone adhesive is a low cost alternative yet efficient surface material for 3D Printing. Polyester tapes offer excellent thermal, abrasion, and chemical resistance while maintaining flexibility. PET Tape with silicone adhesive allows the tape to adhere to tough to stick surfaces and can be removed cleanly with no residuals. PET Tapes provide a smooth dependable surface platform for 3D designs.

    Polyester (PET) Tape is also used for high temperature masking tape. Applications include powder coating, spray coating, plating, electro-plating, anodizing, and high temperature splicing tape.

    Kapton® (Polyimide) Tape (-100°F to +500°F) is used when temperatures exceed that of Polyester (up to 400°F).

    *CS Hyde Company has capabilities to cut PET to any specification, including specific 3D print bed requirements.

    *CS Hyde Company can apply a variety of 3M adhesives customized to specific film size.

  • 3M UV 14 Masking Tape

    3M™ UV14 “Painters Tape” has been a trademark print surface for many years now. ABS and PLA prints adhere well to the tape, and parts are easily removable. This tape can easily be applied and removed if required for a new print. Many 3D printing enthusiasts have strayed away from this tape due to the lack of roll width, requiring them to apply several strips to their print bed. Look no further, CS Hyde Company can cut to width, sheet, or part upon request.

    Custom Print Bed Dimensions Availible: Email for your print bed quote.

  • 3M™ Adhesive Sheets

    3M™ Choice transfer adhesive perfect for 3D Printing and other general adhesive needs.

    2 mil. 3M™ 467MP

    5 mil. 3M™ 468MP

    Short term (minutes/hours) 400°F (204°C)

    Long term (days/weeks) 300°F (149°C)

  • Adhesive Remover

    This fast-acting citrus based adhesive and mastic remover is derived from a natural citrus peel extract that effectively and safely removes adhesive residue.  It’s specifically designed to quickly dissolve the sticky remnants of glues, adhesives, labels, stickers, decals, and inks.  Even black mastics and carpet glues quickly liquefy when our adhesive remover is applied.  Can be used safely on labeling machinery, screen printing equipment, rollers and cutting blades, windows and glass, and textile equipment.

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