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  • FEP Optically Clear Tape/FEP & PFA Optically Clear Film made with Teflon® fluoropolymers

    CS Hyde’s FEP & PFA films are PTFE (Teflon™ fluoroplastic) based films that benefit from the ability to be thermoformed, heat-sealed, plastic-welded or bonded. PFA film is very similar to FEP, except its higher melting point (302C to 310C vs. FEP’s melt range of 260C to 280C). PTFE is the most inert of all plastics and complies with US FDA regulations for safe use with food. FEP and PFA films possess superior anti-stick, low friction properties, as well as high dielectric strength (over 7000 volts per mil for 1 mil). No electrical tracking, non-wettable (hydrophobic), non-flammable, non-charring. We are proud to offer superior reliability & retention of properties over large areas of these films. Available in sheets as wide as 24 inches. This film is also available with adhesive for ease of installation in our tape section. Custom sized sheeting available.

  • 38 Series Polycarbonate Films

    CS Hyde Company now offers two types of high performance polycarbonate film with adhesive; type GG (gloss/gloss surface) and type VM (Velvet/Matte surface). Polycarbonate films have exceptional impact strength, weatherability and thermoformability. With higher strength than acrylic and better dimensional stability than Mylar®, our polycarbonate film is a great all around high performace material. Available in .010", .015", and .020" thicknesses.

  • Hi-Stick Transfer Tape

    This tape offers a secure bonding result under high temperature conditions as well as good resistance to solvents, chemicals, UV and heat. It also possesses excellent bonding characteristics to low-energy surfaces and substrates. Hi-Stick tape has excellent plasticizer migration resistance. Its temperature range is -22F to 356F (-30C to 180C), and is available in 8 mil thickness.

  • Polyester Tapes

    Polyester (PET) Tape with silicone adhesive is used in high temperature masking. Commonly used in Powder Coating, Spray coating, Plating, Electroplating, Anodizing, and high temperature splicing. Removes cleanly after use. Recommended application temperature to achieve best result is 65F (18C) or above. Proper bonding may not occur unless adhesive and surface material are both at 65F (18C) or above.

    Kapton® (Polyimide) Tape (-100F to +500F) is used when temperatures are higher than the temperature range of Polyester.

    *Request a sample in order to make correct color match.

  • 3M Transfer Tapes

    3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes are rolls of pressure-sensitive adhesive pre-applied to a special release liner. For application, the tape is simply pressed, adhesive side down, to a surface and the liner is peeled off.

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