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  • Acetal (Polyoxymethylene) Film

    If your design requires wear resistance, high flexural fatigue strength, toughness and creep resistance, think of CS Hyde Company. We carry and custom cut Celcon® Acetal POM (Polyoxymethylene)sheeting to your exact specification. Celcon® Acetal copolymer offers high strength and rigidity over a broad temperature range, low wear, toughness and resistance to repeated impact. These products also have superior dimensional stability, long-term creep resistance, long-term fatigue resistance and excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and fuels (even oxygenated fuels and gasohol).

    Acetal films are used extensively in injection molding and are readily able to be processed by other conventional techniques such as extrusion and compression, rotational, and blow molding. Celcon® Acetal film is suitable for 2-component hard-soft molding with thermoplastic elastomers, including SEBS, a styrene based elastomer.

    Due to their versatility, Acetal film products are used in numerous applications such as gears, springs, clips, snap-fits, knobs and gaskets for fuel system components, toys, washing machines, hand tools, shower heads and seat belt buckles to name a few. Celcon® is also used to produce sheets, rod and slab stock shapes that can be machined to tight tolerance. Custom sized sheeting available.


    UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) has extremely high abrasion resistance, even exceeding that of steel. Coupled with broad chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction, UHMW is an extremely versatile engineering material for many severe duty service applications.

    Slippery like PTFE but super abrasion and wear resistant, UHMW Polymers have a molecular weight average 10 times that of conventional high density polyethylene resins. This higher molecular weight gives UHMW polymers its unique combination of characteristics. Applications include inner and outer surfaces for potable water, chemical, fuel and hydraulic hoses, bottom surfaces for skis and snow boards, linings for chutes to decrease friction and wear, automotive weather stripping and thousands of other possible applications. CS Hyde Company offers UHMW film in a variety of thicknesses, from .003” (3mil) to .125” (125mil). Available with or without adhesive, in sheet, slit roll, and in custom and standard die-cut shapes.

  • Delrin

    Delrin® materials are based on formaldehyde polymerization, are highly crystalline, strong, rigid, and possess good moisture, temperature, and solvent resistance. Because Delrin® absorbs far less moisture than type 6 and type 6/6 nylons, it is widely used for many mechanical and industrial applications requiring closer tolerances and greater dimensional stability. Custom sized sheeting available.

  • Tefzel® Optically Clear Film (General Purpose Grade)

    Tefzel® Optically Clear Film is an extremely durable, thin polymeric film closely related to PTFE fluorocarbon resin. Of all the PTFE fluoropolymer family, Tefzel® (ETFE) is the most tough/ durable. Flexible and nearly 100 percent transparent, Tefzel® Optically Clear Film has excellent mechanical strength and reliability against cracking and abrasion. In outdoor applications, Tefzel® shows very little degradation over a long period of time despite constant UV radiation exposure, making it a suitable long term substitute for glass. Tefzel® Optically Clear Film features easy processibility and high-energy radiation resistance.

    Film types are:Type LZ--General-purpose film, Type CLZ--Treated one-side for improved cementability, and Type CLZ-20--Treated both sides for improved cementability. Tefzel® films can be thermoformed, laminated, heat-sealed, die-stamped, and oriented for use in many applications including high flex lightweight wiring insulation, composite part mold release, anti-corrosive valve linings, non-stick roll covers, rupture disks, high frequency microwave circuitry, pharmaceutical cap liners, sterile packaging, cable insulation, microphone electret membranes, photovoltaic cell glazing, anti-graffiti coverings, erasable surface coverings, automotive airbag systems, fuel hose permeation barrier, hot melt adhesive and thousands more possible applications.

  • PEEK™ Film

    An extremely high temperature resistance combined with excellent mechanical, electrical, and chemical resistance makes PEEK™ (Polyetheretherketone) a high performance semi-crystalline thermoplastic suitable for use in a wide variety of demanding applications.

    While maintaining similar dielectric properties, this film features higher tear and chemical resistance than Kapton® Polyimide HN, FN, and CR films, as well as better barrier performance against oxygen and water vapor, lower moisture absorption, and superior resistance to hydrolysis. This makes PEEK™ film well suited to hot, humid environments.

    Mechanically, this film is capable of a high tensile strength of 18.9 kpsi (130 MPa), a flexural strength of 23.6kpsi (163 MPa) and a Rockwell hardness of 99 (R Scale).

    PEEK™ is capable of maintaining its properties up to very high temperatures (continuous use of -70 to 500F), is UL RTI rated up to 464F, and has a melting point of 644F. PEEK™ also boasts a heat deflection temperature (1.8MPa) of 306F. 0.012-0.280mm thickness carries an HB flammability rating, while 0.50-0.75mm has a V-1 rating.

    PEEK™ meets many aerospace, automotive, fire, smoke and toxicity, food/water, medical/pharmaceutical, and military approvals and standards. Custom sized sheeting available. PEEK™ is available with adhesive as well, exclusively from CS Hyde Company as PEEK Tape.

    Comply with the compositional requirements of the Code of Federal regulations FDA 21 CFR 177.2415 of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America.

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