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  • Acetal/POM Tape

    If your design requires wear resistance, high flexural fatigue strength, good toughness and creep resistance, think of CS Hyde Company. We carry and custom cut Celcon® Acetal POM (Polyoxymethylene) to your exact specification. Celcon® Acetal copolymer offers high strength and rigidity over a broad temperature range, low wear, toughness and resistance to repeated impact. These products have superior dimensional stability, long-term creep resistance, long-term fatigue resistance and excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and fuels (even oxygenated fuels and gasohol). Laminated with 3M pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

  • Delrin® Film

    With the ease of positioning and fastening in mind, CS Hyde Company laminates adhesive to Delrin® sheet.

    Delrin® materials are based on formaldehyde polymerization, are highly crystalline, strong, rigid, and possess good moisture, temperature, and solvent resistance. Because Delrin® absorbs far less moisture than type 6 and type 6/6 nylons, it is widely used for many mechanical and industrial applications requiring closer tolerances and greater dimensional stability.

    Delrin® Sheet has a 3M acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with a Peel-Off Liner. For more specific adhesive properties, please request the adhesive data sheet. LEAD TIME approx. 10 days, all products

  • Super Smooth PTFE

    Product Description:
    The R-Series of PTFE (Teflon™) Tapes are super smooth and slippery as a result of a specialized manufacturing process.  These skived PTFE tapes are extremely durable, long-wearing and abrasion resistant.  R-Tapes will not curl or wrinkle and R253 does not leave a residue when removed.  These tapes have high temperature resistance (-40F to 500F for Silicone Adhesive and -40F to 350F for Acrylic Adhesive) and superior Dielectric Strength.

    Performance & Application Information:
    Ideal for protecting extrusion and laminating equipment during plastic extrusion coating process which combines plastic films with various substrates (most commonly paper).  R-Tapes are used as a roller wrap to protect neoprene rollers from molten plastic.  Super slick R-Tape allows items to move smoothly over its surface.  Excellent release surface.

  • PEEK Tape with Adhesive

    PEEK Tape with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Film thickness is .002" to .010" thick. Available with Silicone or Acrylic Adhesive (nominal adhesive thickness of .0015 to .002").

    PEEK is a high performance film that is super-tough, super abrasion & wear resistant, extreme temperature range, chemical and oil resistant; very low liquid and moisture absorption.

    Custom slit widths, die cut parts, or sheeing available.

  • UHMW Tape- With Acrylic Adhesive

    UHMW PE provides a nonstick, low-friction surface similar to PTFE tape but with much higher abrasion and puncture resistance. This tape is ideal for chutes, packaging lines, slides, and anywhere high-pressure sliding contact occurs. It can also be used for sound dampening—eliminating squeaks and rattles caused by adjacent part movement.

    Slit to Width Rolls, Sheets, Strips, and Die Cut Parts also available.

    No minimums, quantity discounts available.

  • Rulon® Tape with Adhesive on One Side (bearing tape)

    Rulon® Tape is manufactured from skived compounded PTFE Rulon® film material. The RU-Series is often referred to as bearing tape and offers outstanding abrasion and temperature resistance, as well as enhanced wear resistance in a PTFE-based material.

    Both Rulon® tapes have an 8.0 mil. substrate thickness and 2.0 mil. of pressure sensitive adhesive for the silicone system and 2.3 mil. of pressure sensitive adhesive for the acrylic system.

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